How To Move A Mattress : Complete Guide

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A mattress is an essential piece of furniture in any home, providing both comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. But when it comes time to move, a mattress can be quite a challenge to transport. That’s why it’s important to know how to move a mattress properly, to avoid damaging it or your belongings in the process.

It’s not easy to move a mattress on your own. In fact, it can be quite a challenge. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through every step of the process, from picking up the mattress to putting it down again in its new home. So read on for all the tips and tricks you need to make moving your mattress a breeze!

DIfferent Ways To Move A Mattress

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Hiring professional movers

This is the easiest way to move a mattress, as you can simply hire a team of professionals to do all the heavy lifting for you. However, it will also be the most expensive option.

Renting a moving truck

If you have access to a large enough moving truck, you can simply load your mattress into the back and transport it to your new home yourself. Just be sure to secure the mattress properly so it doesn’t shift during transit.

Asking friends and family for help

Enlisting the help of strong friends or family members is always a good option when moving heavy items like mattresses. Just be sure everyone knows what they’re doing before attempting to lift the mattress.

Using a furniture dolly

If you need to move your mattress down a set of stairs or through a narrow doorway, using a furniture dolly is a great way to do it. Just be sure the dolly is rated for the weight of your mattress.

Wrapping and carrying the mattress

This is usually the best option when moving a mattress by yourself. Simply wrap the mattress in some old blankets or sheets (to protect it from dirt and damage), and then carry it using the built-in handles (if available). Be careful not to strain your back when lifting.

Steps On How To Move A Mattress

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Dollies
  • Moving blankets or straps
  • A friend (or two)


  1. First, you will need to gather some supplies. You will need at least two dollies, moving blankets or furniture straps, and a friend (or two) to help you out.
  2. Next, you will need to clear a path from your old bedroom to your new one. Make sure to measure the width of your doorways and hallways to ensure that your mattress will fit through them!
  3. Now it’s time to lift the mattress onto the dollies. Be sure to keep the weight balanced as evenly as possible between the two dollies. If you’re using moving blankets or straps, now is the time to secure them around the mattress.
  4. Slowly and carefully start moving the mattress towards your new bedroom. If you need to go down any stairs, be extra careful!
  5. Once you’ve made it to your new bedroom, it’s time to lift the mattress off of the dollies and onto your bed frame. Again, be sure to keep the weight balanced as evenly as possible.

Different Types Of Mattress

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There are different types of mattresses and each one has its own set of instructions on how to move it. There are innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, adjustable air mattresses, and waterbeds.

Innerspring Mattress

In order to move an innerspring mattress, you will need to remove the mattress from the box spring. Once you have done this, you can fold the mattress in half and then carry it out of the room.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are much heavier than innerspring mattresses, so you may need help carrying them out of the room. You will also need to remove the mattress from the box spring before you can fold it.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are very similar to memory foam mattresses in terms of weight and size. You will need to remove the mattress from the box spring and then fold it in half before carrying it out of the room.

Adjustable Air Mattress

Adjustable air mattresses can be inflated or deflated, so you can adjust the firmness of the mattress. You will need to remove the mattress from the box spring before you can fold it.


Waterbeds are the heaviest type of mattress, so you will definitely need help moving them. You will also need to empty the water from the bed before you can move it.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons you might need to move a mattress. Maybe you’re moving houses or apartments and don’t want to leave your comfortable bed behind. Maybe you’re downsizing and need to save space, or maybe you just want to rearrange your furniture. Whatever the reason, knowing how to move a mattress is a useful skill to have. 


We hope this guide has helped you understand how to move a mattress. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you. Thank you for reading!



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